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Tom Genders
Painter, teacher and member of the Arborealists group 


I have a passion for the natural world and my work is  particularly focused upon trees and gardens. Trees alter a landscape, they can be dramatic or subtle and everything in-between with the ability to fill an infinite variety of spaces. Every tree species has it's own quirks, colours and forms and hosts an abundance of other lifeforms. 

I also love birds and have done since I was a child, they were my entry point into a lifelong love of nature. 


I spent some time in Canada in my teens and twenties and the wilderness there had a profound effect on me.  I now look for pockets of wilderness in the over-tidy countryside around my  home.  I have been influenced by a group of Canadian painters called the Group of Seven and also the work of Gustav Klimt and John singer Sargent to name a few.

I work with oil paint as I find it forgiving and malleable and enjoy the vast range of earthy colours, I also appreciate the fact that it can be applied to such a variety of styles and techniques. 

I sketch and paint on location, often small oil studies which inform the colours and compositions of larger studio pieces.

I find great enjoyment in messing around with ceramics, charcoal and watercolours, my teaching allows me to indulge in lots of different media. I currently teach at  The Croft school


Jan 24 

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